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Anodised Plaques
Anodised Plaques

Anodised labels are unique in the fact that the print is sealed within the metal and is resistant to extreme temperatures, all weather conditions, a multitude of chemicals, detergents, oils and grease.

Anodised Labels

Available in 0.5mm, 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm thick

The pores of the material are opened using electrolite and the light fast dyes are deposited to a predetermined depth such as 10 microns, or for example external signs, 20 microns. The pores are then closed, encapsulating the image and rendering it scratch and solvent resistant like no other substance.

Ideal in applications that are subject to rough treatment, high temperatures or prolonged outdoor exposure.

  • Available in a wide range of 'spot' colours.
  • Pleas note, this process is not suitable for full colour images such as photos.

Data plaques

Data Plaques

Data plaques need to be hard wearing, robust and suitable for the application. The information on the plaques must be permanent and remain legible, whatever the environmental conditions.

They are made to suit your requirements for size, colour design, quantity etc.

We very often print the main details of the plaque and leave certain areas blank in readiness for you to supply the information for us to engrave e.g. axle weights, serial numbers etc.

Fastening systems to suit all applications including holes, studs and a comprehensive range of adhesives.

Anodised Data Plaque

  • UV Resistant - up to 15 years external
  • Abrasion resistant - 10 times better than a good epoxy coating
  • Saltspray - According to ASTM B117-85 duration 1000 hours. No effect.
  • Solvent immersion - The image cannot be effected by any solvent.
  • Heat resistance - 6 hours exposed to 150.C followed by 2 hours at 250.C. No change in colour

If you require a very small quantity of plates it may be more economical to buy engraved products. Anodized plaques are typically used for quantities of 20+

Please note: This process is not suitable for full colour images such as photos etc. If this is a requirement please see our Full colour metal plaques.

Anodised Labels
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