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Anti Vandal
Anti Vandal

Impact Signs anti graffiti signs

Impact Signs anti graffiti signs out performs all polycarbonate, foam and Perspex signs

Impact Signs anti vandal signs

  • Tested to BS 3900 Standards.
  • These signs are vandal resistant, developed specifically to withstand attack from:
    sharp objects, paint and indelible markers, naked flames and air carried chemicals.
    Impact signs don't experience colour fading of the background or the graphics.
  • Resistant to the removal of vinyl lettering, more resistant to damage by heat, resistant to chemical and salt damage.
  • Can be made in any colour combination, cost effective.
  • Easy to clean and maintain from day to day road traffic grime.
  • Uses 3mm thick aluminium, which can be fabricated to any shape of your choice, with a special anti-vandal coating.

Impact Signs anti graffiti signs
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