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Impact Sign Solutions Ltd
Budget Banners Budget Banners
Cheapest banners available. Fixed height (600mm) and only available in white or yellow with signwriting in solid 'spot' colours.
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Premium Banners Premium Banners
Available in any size and made of slightly heavier material than the budget banners. Available in a selection of colours with solid 'spot' colour signwriting.
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Premium Full Colour Banners Premium Full Colour Banners
As per 'premium banners' except can be printed with photographs, graduations, tints, watermarks etc. Printed with durable solvent inks for long term exterior life.
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Double Sided Banners Double Sided Banners
Specifically designed for sign writing both sides, the 'block' prevents 'ghosting' caused by seeing 'through' the banner to the text on the other side. Only available in white.
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Local Authority Banners Local Authority Specification Banners
Supported by the correct certified (wire) ropes and fittings required for all local authority banners spanning public space or highways.
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Banner Frames and Poles Banner Frames & Poles
Complete frame and pole systems for hanging banners, including free standing, post mounted, centrally mounted and wall mounted systems.
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Banner-Fix Banner-Fix
The easy, simple and effective way to fix and display your signs and graphics to any suitable flat surface. So versatile, yet so easy, practical and cost-effective.
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