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Edgelit Systems
Edgelit Systems

Features & Benefits:- Stunning displays at a very affordable price. Very cheap to run, easy to install, easy to change a panel if required. Unique ability to appear sophisticated, up market and yet very visible and noticeable.

Edgelit Systems

  • A hidden, low-powered light souce and an engraved acrylic panel illuminate your message with stunning impact & clarity.
  • Standard widths for the image in the side column are: 900mm, 1000mm and 1200mm all with a maximum illuminated depth of 600mm.
    Standard widths for the other images (above) are: 320mm, 550mm, 880mm, 1180mm and 1480mm.

Typical applications:- Plush smart offices (well they will be if you have an edgelit system!). Hotel reception areas, Car showrooms, health centres, anywhere that requires understated prestige!

Edgelit Systems
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