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Fascia Signs
Fascia Signs FREE FITTING*
Perspex Fascia Sign Perspex
Perspex has a superior high gloss finish to any other product, it also carries a 10-year manufacturers guarantee. It is really only suitable to be used with a frame.
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Aluminium Fascia Sign Aluminium
You would use aluminium if you require your fascia to be fitted without a frame, due to the fact that it does not ‘ripple’ in between fixings (flat panel) or for a modern look with ‘depth’ (tray panel). Also shatter proof.
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Fibre Glass Fascia Sign Fibre Glass
Available only in preset moulded shapes and sizes (wide range). Has an integral frame, Ideally suited to Pubs, B&B’s and restaurants.
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Illuminated Fascia Sign Illuminated
Aluminium ‘boxes’ have fluorescent tubes and a Perspex front panel. Perfect for extra presence. Please check, you may need planning permission!
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Foamex Fascia Sign Foamex
Perfect for projects with a tight budget. Available in gloss or matt finish. Recommended to be used with a frame, but can be used without.
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Flexi-Face Fascia Sign Flexi-Face
Used for big fascia signs, you will have seen them at places like Curry’s, B&Q, PC World, and Carpet City etc. Supplied with or without rear illumination.
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