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Projecting Swing Signs > Traditional proJECT
Traditional proJECT Projecting Swing Signs

Features & Benefits: Frames are powder coated white or black as standard but can be to any RAL colour, waterproof, rot proof, maintenance free.

* Panel sizes available:

Oval: 440 x 620mm, 530 x 740mm, 840 x 600mm.
Park: 600 x 550mm, 700 x 600mm, 840 x 750mm.
Rectangle: 400 x 600mm, 700 x 600mm, 800 x 650mm.
Square: 500 x 500mm, 600 x 600mm, 700 x 700mm,

  • All the panels shown are manufactured from 19mm thick white closed cell PVC.
  • Not all panels are suitable for use with each bracket. Ject 3 and 4 don't accept square or rectangular panels.
Simplest bracket, but really strong and study. L 85cm, H 15cm, W15cm, Wt 3kg.
Manufactured from 40mm box section steel set on
the 'diamond', with a 50mm sphere finial. L 85cm, H 15cm, W 15cm, Wt 4kg.
Well regarded by planning officers keen to peserve
the charecter of older towns and villages. L 85cm, H 52cm, W 25cm, Wt 5kg.
Variation on 'Ject 3', although there is a limit to the number of panels that will fit this bracket. L 85cm, H52cm, W 25cm, Wt 5kg.
A lighter looking version of Jects 3 and 4. Can be used either way up and fits all panels. L 85cm, H 52cm, W 25cm, Wt 4.5kg
Twisted and hammered bar together with wrought
iron baskets, giving a simple traditional look. L 90cm, H 52cm, W 25cm, Wt 5kg.
A simple variation, incorporating a decorative scroll that will accept all panels. L 85cm, H 52cm, W 25cm, Wt 4.5kg.
The most striking and by far the heaviest, the Ject 8 is
a very modern bracket ready to accept any panel. L 87cm, H 20cm, W 18cm, Wt 10kg.
  • All brackets come Galvanised and Powder coated.
  • All brackets are fitted to the wall using 3x10mm Rawlbolts, this provides a very sturdy fixing.
  • Choose your panel from our Ject range

The 'Standard' and most economical way to signwrite one of these signs is to use 'Spot Vinyl' other methods can be used, which include Vinyl Full colour Digital Print. Can be illuminated if required (not oval signs).

Typical applications: Restaurants, Shops, Hotels, Factories etc..

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