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Full Colour Window Graphics

What is it? Polymeric vinyl with a high tack, permanent, solvent based acrylic adhesive.

NOTE: If required on the inside of the window, we would print in mirror image so that the print would appear correct from the outside. This can only be done on clear film.

  • A permanent, long lasting solution.
  • Waterproof, fade and scuff resistant.
  • No set up charge! Economical for one offs or large runs.
  • Can be cut to any shape or size without any set up charge.
  • Can be printed in full colour at no extra cost.
  • Can be difficult to remove and leaves a glue residue behind, which canalso be time consuming to remove.
  • Is not reusable.
  • It is difficult to fit correctly.
  • If printed in mirror image so as to read correct from the outside, the colours appear slightly translucent (see through). Prints can be backed with white to prevent this, but extra costs will be incurred.
  • If printed directly onto white the label can only be stuck to the outside of the glass.

Where would you use this product?

  • Long term promotions
  • Full colour prints for shop window advertising
  • Warning labels
  • Instructionlabels
  • Anywhere that you would require a 'cut to shape' display.

Full Colour Window Graphics
Full Colour Window Graphics
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