Wayfinding Signs for Woodrow High House

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Woodrow High House

Evie from Woodrow High House in Amersham needed our help as the pupils, staff and visitors were finding it difficult to navigate around the school. What they needed was wayfinding signs and we were the right people to help!

What we did to help

Andy our MD went to Woodrow to measure the internal areas that required signs and showed examples of different materials that we would recommend. They were also looking to update their entrance sign, so it looked more welcoming, eye-catching and colourful and a cark park sign to make it easier to navigate.

The end decision for the internal signs was to go for Acrylic plaques. The plaques were laser cut and directly printed in-house, using their corporate colours, making sure they had a modern look to them. Printed on the rear, ink could not be removed or ruined with cleaning or being picked off. Once ready we sent along our skilled fitters to the school to fit all the plaques for them.

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