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Advertising Boards

Alupanel advertising signs

Alupanel has a polyethylene core, which is coated with aluminium to form a strong, rigid board. Both materials are durable, weather resistant and maintenance free. The boards won’t rot, rust or corrode, even after years in situ.

Price from £37.69

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Foamex advertising signs

Foamex is a great quality product which provides excellent value for money. It is lightweight, yet strong, durable, weather and fade resistant. Made from PVC, it won’t rust, rot or crack, making it a maintenance free solution for advertising boards that will be used time and time again.

Price from £22.63

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Correx advertising signs

Correx is a fluted plastic sheet, commonly used on estate agent’s boards, for promoting one-off events & for short term advertising. It is light weight, weather proof, and requires no maintenance, therefore easy to attach to wooden posts, gates, scaffolding etc.

Price from £14.66

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