Ultra Modern, superbly stylish, high quality print including full colour, corporate logos, graduations and even photographs. Flame polished edges, special anodised fixings make this an obvious choice for doing it differently

Perspex Plaques

If you are looking to create a unique, contemporary or colourful acrylic sign, Perspex is the ideal choice.

Perspex comes in a wide range of colours, so it is possible to create a bold, eye catching plaque. It can also be cut to almost any size and shape, giving you the option to really get creative with the design.

Perspex plaques are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and are a maintenance free option. At Impact Signs, we print or engrave on the reverse of the plaque to deliver a quality finish, In addition to text and logos, graphics and even photographs can be incorporated into the design of an acrylic sign.

When it comes to custom acrylic signs for outdoor use, Perspex offers a versatile canvas for extensive colour options for the creation of attention-grabbing plaques. Whether for storefronts, acrylic business signs, directional signage or promotional displays, Perspex signs ensure durability and visual appeal in outdoor settings, making them an ideal choice for impactful and long-lasting signage solutions.

Impact Signs will finish the product with either bevelled or flame polished edges and special anodise fixings. This gives the look of a glass plaque at a cost effective price.
Bevelled edges refer to the angled cut made along the edge of the acrylic sign.

This technique creates a sloping surface, often at a 45-degree angle, giving the edge a polished, angled look.

On the other hand, flame polishing involves using a controlled flame to meticulously melt and polish the edges of the acrylic sign. This technique results in a smooth, glossy finish, removing any roughness or imperfections and giving the edges a clear, glass-like appearance.

For a modern style that stands out from the crowd, Perspex signs have a lot to offer, so speak to us about realising your ideas for a visually impacting plaque.

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We will never proceed with production until you are entirely happy with the artwork and will always provide a proof (unless the artwork is supplied by you).

Example Prices

Using our state of the art technology we can make any size or shape of plaque as well as reproduce corporate typestyles and logos. As each job is bespoke, we normally provide individual quotations for you (usually within the hour) for your specific requirements.

However, we have found that most of our customers like to have some ‘ball park’ idea of prices. We have therefore produced the typical price guide below to give you an idea how competitive our prices are.

A6 – 105 x 148.5mm5mm thick£16.99
A5 – 210 x 148.5mm5mm thick£28.56
A4 – 297 x 210mm8mm thick£49.99
A3 – 420 x 297mm10mm thick£69.66

The above prices are intended as a guide only, and may alter according to complexity, artwork format, material thickness, size and quantities.

Maintenance & Tech

Perspex plaques

  • Congratulations. You have chosen a product that is virtually maintenance free. All you will need to do from time to time is simply wipe the plaque with a damp cloth. If the plaque is particularly dirty, add some soap and rub gently.
  • If your plaque is sign written in vinyl, please take extra care that the cloth does not snag the letters when wiping, this is particularly important with serif fonts.
  • Take care that the cloth does not have any grit attached, as this may scratch the plaque.
  • Do not use polish although glass cleaner may be used.
  • This plaque is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

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Presentation Curtain Hire.

Navy blue crushed velvet curtains complete with pull cord fixed to 2 off weighted free standing, adjustable telescopic posts. 3 day hire only £47.65 + VAT.


Just to say thank you both for your help in sorting out our brass plaque. We’re delighted with it, and with the quality of the logo reproduction in particular. It’s exceeded expectations, and the service from you both was exemplary.

Needless to say, we know where to come in future! Many thanks again.


Hello Andy.The plaque arrived today. We are very pleased , the workmanship was first class. I will make a point of recommending you to my friends who may require your services, including my local bowls club.Thank you.


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