Printed Wallpaper & die cut vinyl graphics

Printed onto adhesive vinyl, this printed wallpaper is durable, fade resistant and wipe clean.

Why Choose Printed Wallpaper or die cut vinyl graphics

Digitally printed, high resolution images allow you to create dramatic floor to ceiling visuals.

Almost any high resolution digital image can be recreated on a large scale. This allows you to customise the walls in your foyer, reception area, retail outlet, restaurant or any other interior space. Printed onto adhesive vinyl, this printed wallpaper is durable, fade resistant and wipe cleanable.

The vinyl wallpaper or die cut vinyl will reliably adhere to any prepared flat surface including glass, walls and metal, yet it is easy to peel off without damage to the surface when it is no longer required. From bright bold designs to more subtle images, printed wallpaper and die cut vinyl graphics can add character and interest to any interior.

Impact Signs in-house design team can help you achieve visually impressive imagery, before passing to our print team to create a large scale printed vinyl version that is ready to apply to your walls.

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Let’s get started with your Ideas, the more detail you provide the better!
We’ll email or phone you to talk it through, give advice and provide a quote.
It’s then over to us to create and amend artwork and you to pay the deposit.
If you provide the artwork, we’ll pre-flight check it for you and you pay the deposit
With your approval, we’ll get cracking on with the production.
We’ll soon be back in touch to arrange fitting/delivery/collection.
We will never proceed with production until you are entirely happy with the artwork and will always provide a proof (unless the artwork is supplied by you).


Congratulations, you have just bought ‘the best’. We use new generation materials for all of their fascia signs. All our internal signs are:
  • UV stable (fade resistant).
  • Waterproof.
  • Virtually maintenance free
All you may have to do is to clean with soapy water and a sponge if required. That’s it!


Many thanks for the sign, Looks good

Allan TheobaldPro-Vizual Aids

Hi Andy, Just wanted to say what a fantastic job I think you made of the window displays. Really pleased with the way they look. Thanks for all your help.

Martin TrepteEditorial DirectorBaylis Media Ltd
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Artwork Spec

File formats

Acceptable File Formats:
  • .EPS (Encapsulated Post Script)
  • .AI (Adobe Illustrator (CS6 or below))
  • .PDF
  • High Resolution .TIFFS or .JPEGS (flattened)
  • Each design must be a separate file or page
  • All files must be named and include percentage if scaled i.e. xxx @ 25% size
  • All fonts to be converted to outline or TTF font included with file
  • All artwork, where possible to be vector based
  • All artwork in CMYK colour mode or Pantone where applicable
  • All images must be embedded
  • All visible in-canvas template elements removed
  • Correct height to width ratio
  • 5mm bleed is useful but not essential
  • No crop marks please (if they are already in the artwork we can work with this)
  • Notify of any Pantone References required
Must Not:
  • Don’t have multiple artworks on one page
  • Don’t provide artwork at an incorrect width-to-height ratio
  • Don’t provide in RGB colour mode
  • Don’t provide with missing links or images which are not embedded
  • Don’t provide without fonts converted to outlines/curves/shapes
  • Don’t provide protected by a password
Unacceptable File Formats:
  • INDD (Adobe InDesign)
  • QXP (Quark Xpress)SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • DOC/DOCX (Microsoft Word)
  • XLS/XLSX (Microsoft Excel)
  • PPT/PPTX (Microsoft Powerpoint)
  • PUB (Microsoft Publisher)
Resolution: Where raster (.jpg .tif .bmp etc.) artwork is used (photo’s etc.) resolution should be at 300dpi at target size. Another rough guide is that the artwork is 50mb per square metre without falsely increasing the resolution. If artwork is scaled at ‘x’% the DPI should be:
  • 100% – 300dpi
  • 50% – 600dpi
  • 33% – 900dpi
  • 25% – 1200dpi
Colour matching: We use a 6 colour digital printing process (C,M,Y,K,Lc,Lm), this is the most accurate digital process available. Pantone colours: While we can’t print Pantone colours themselves, we can print artwork containing Pantone colours. Our systems will try to match the Pantone colours in your artwork as closely as attainable. However, we must be notified of these when placing your order and these must be included within your artwork. Please note, we cannot guarantee accurate replication of all Pantones. If you require a printed sample before placing an order, please speak to one of our sales team who can arrange this for you Proofs: We cannot provide digital proofs prior to printing unless specifically asked for, these proofs are chargeable. It is advisable to provide a colour print together with any files provided on disc. This precaution protects against missing data from files and also against noticeable colour shifts Disclaimers: Please note that we cannot be held responsible for issues contained in the supplied artwork itself such as spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, RGB colour mode, overprint, resolution, missing fonts and missing images. To avoid these issues, please ensure your artwork adheres to our requirements. Artwork not supplied to our requirements will likely render an unsatisfactory result or delay your order. If you unsure about the artwork you have, please check with us beforehand to ensure there are no complications with your order. If an artwork size is different to the ordered size, the ordered size always takes precedence. This is due to the fact that artworks from our customers are supplied in a variety of scales. With subjective issues of quality such as image resolution, we will sometimes advise you if the quality is extremely low, but due to the subjective nature of ‘’ how low is too low?’’, we cannot be held responsible if the artwork is supplied in such a manner and isn’t suitable for your needs