Chevrons & Reflective

Chapter 8 compliant reflective and fluorescent sign writing. Reflective graphics and chevrons for vans and cars.

Why Choose Chevrons and Reflective Vinyl

Your company name in lights; illuminate your brand and make it visible at all times of the day and night with reflective vinyl!

Reflective vinyl is illuminated when artificial lighting, such as street lamps and car headlights, shines on it. The application of reflective vinyl on your company vehicles will allow your signage to be visible at any time of day or night.

You will have seen reflective vinyl on emergency vehicles, highway maintenance vans and it is widely used in the haulage industry. In addition to advertising your brand, reflective vinyl enhances road safety at night as well as complying with Chapter 8 requirements.

The reflective vinyl used on vehicles has a 5 year life span and is fully compliant with road safety regulations including Chapter 8. Impact Signs also offer a fluorescent vinyl, which is illuminated by natural light during the day, although this has a shorter 6 month -3 year lifespan, dependant upon the grade used.

Impact Signs carry out all work in house. This allows us to deliver a quick turn-around on orders and cost effective prices without compromising on quality.

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Colour Swatch

This product is available in the following colours.

Disclaimer: Although every effort has been made to display the colour swatches shown as true, all monitors are not consistant in colour representation, the swatches therefore should be taken only as a guide!

Different materials

We work with materials supplied from all major manufacturers, and all are approved for highways markings, meeting the requirements of ECE104 and Chapter 8. Most products are warranted for between 2 and 8 years. There are three main types of material that we use in our livery kits: Prismatic (Recommended for Chapter 8 Compliance) These innovative products are highly retro-reflective due to their design and construction and are edge sealed when cut to ensure maximum effectiveness and durability. This is the material most commonly used in emergency service applications. Reflective (Also known as Engineering grade) Often used for rear chevrons on cars and vans and ideal for text sections on vehicles. This is a low cost, flexible, high visibility solution offering good visibility in night-time conditions using micro glass-bead technology. Fluorescent This is an effective material for day-time use on vehicles. It does not possess reflective qualities and is usually warranted for only 2-3 years as it fades as it fluoresces.

What is Chapter 8 and its legal status?

The use of chapter 8 compliant vehicle livery is considered DfT best practice, it is recommend that any vehicles stopping on UK roads for works or inspection purposes should be compliant. It is intended to provide a standard of good practice and is considered as the minimum requirement, which should always be achieved. Whilst Chapter 8 is not legislation, by not complying with these guidelines you are leaving yourself open to potential legal action should an accident happen involving your fleet. Officially the Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974 and the Health and Safety at Work (NI) Order 1978 require all clients, employers and employees to establish and maintain safe systems of work. Chapter 8 may be considered as representing what is reasonably practicable for the enforcement of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, the Health and Safety at Work (NI) Order 1978, and associated regulations. Chapter 8 sets out a code of practice to enable the legal requirements to be met in a wide variety of circumstances. Although it has no statutory force (except in Northern Ireland where an authorised officer for the Department may deem it to have such force); it should be noted that many of the basic principles contained in this document are also covered in the Safety at Street Works and Road Works – A Code of Practice, which has legal backing under Sections 65 and 124 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 and Article 25 of the Street Works (NI) Order 1995.

Maintenance & Tech

Care of your new vehicle livery

Congratulations, you have just bought ‘the best’. Impact Signs use ‘new generation’ vinyls for all of their vehicle liveries. The manufacturers stated exterior life under normal conditions is a massive 7 – 10 years (except florescent & some specialty finishes). Although you may not intend to keep your vehicle this long, you still benefit. Because of the high quality vinyl and adhesive, it means that your vehicle looks better from day one You may experience ‘air bubbles’ for up to 4 days after sign writing. In actual fact, these are not air but application fluid. All you have to do is…. Leave them alone, they will simply disappear of their own accord, this is in no way caused by poor workmanship and will not affect the long term adhesion of the vinyl Washing your vehicle is pretty much the same as it would be if it were not sign written, however a few precautions should be taken:
  • Do not wash for at least 4 days after your vehicle has been sign written. This allows the adhesive to ‘cure’ properly
  • Do not direct pressure washers ‘up close’ to the sign writing, especially if the text/graphic is very small or intricate.
  • If cleaning by hand, use a sponge, not a cloth.
  • If you have digitally printed (full colour or graduated) vinyl, do not use solvent of any kind. This may cause the image to fade. Soapy water is all you will need.
If you wish to remove the sign writing at any stage, this is relatively easy to do, just use the following guidelines:
  • Use heat! Vinyl can be removed easier when it is warm. A hair dryer is the best tool for the job. Caution! Do not use hot air guns, these may burn the paint and also it can be highly dangerous if used around the petrol cap!!!!
  • To remove the glue residue use white spirit. Let it soak in for approx 2 minutes first, glue should then be easy to use.
  • Do not use a knife to remove vinyl. It may ‘pierce’ the paint. Whereas this may not show at first it could begin to rust. Use a plastic knife or ask us for a squeegee
  • When the entire vinyl and glue residue is removed, it would be wise to use ‘T’ cut to hide the ‘ghosting’ that may be evident.

Impact signs do offer a vinyl removal service. It includes vinyl and adhesive residue removal and ‘T’ cutting. All vehicles must be delivered to and collected from our premises in Aylesbury.


Thank you for the very swift and professional service you have provided. The help you gave me was very much appreciated and has really improved the look of my van. I have taken the liberty of recommending you by way of a link from my own web site.

Stephen WrayS and J Movers

Having had my van sign written at impact, I was very pleased and have recommended and sent others on to you. Many thanks and best wishes to you all at Impact.

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