Outdoor Frosted

When adhered to glass, this vinyl gives the effect of ‘shot blastering’ (a ‘frosted’ look). Some stunning effects can be created. Great for shop windows and for obscurity panels.

Why Choose Frosted Window Graphics

Creating the look of etched glass, frosted window graphics, also known as manifestations, provide subtle way to promote your business, add privacy or meet health and safety requirements for a fraction of the cost.

Impact Signs stencil cut frosted vinyl into any design. Lettering and logos can be cut out of the vinyl, so they are all that is seen through the glass. It can help you to comply with health and safety requirements, allow you to create obscurity screens or simply provide a decorative border to windows, doors and dividers. Natural light still passes through the glass, yet it offers a level of privacy.

Frosted window graphics are widely used in restaurants, spas, shop windows and showrooms. It is also an ideal solution within office environments when it is necessary to compartmentalise an area without losing the sense of space and light. As with other vinyl products, frosted window graphics can be removed without damage to the glass.

Frosted window graphics are a durable, long lasting solution which can be used internally and externally for practical or purely decorative purposes. Could they enhance your business environment?

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Maintenance & Tech

Care of your vinyl lettering

Congratulations, you have just bought ‘the best’. Impact Signs use ‘new generation’ vinyls. The manufacturers stated exterior life under normal conditions is a massive 7 – 10 years (except florescent & some specialty finishes).

Cleaning your lettering (once on the sign) is pretty much the same as it would be if it were not sign written, however a few precautions should be taken:

  • Do not wash for at least 4 days after lettering has been fitted to the sign. This allows the adhesive to ‘cure’ properly
  • Use a sponge, not a cloth.

If you wish to remove the sign writing at any stage, this is relatively easy to do, just use the following guidelines:

  • Use heat! Vinyl can be removed easier when it is warm. A hair dryer is the best tool for the job. Caution! Do not use hot air guns, these may burn the surface.
  • To remove the glue residue use white spirit. Let it soak in for approx 2 minutes first, glue should then be easy to use.
  • Do not use a knife to remove vinyl. It may ‘pierce’ the surface. Use a plastic knife or ask us for a squeegee
  • When the entire vinyl and glue residue is removed, it would be wise to use ‘T’ cut to hide the ‘ghosting’ that may be evident.


You are a star!, always thought you could do it Again many thanks for your effort. Cheers Stuart

Stuart MackayIrisbus

I must comment on your speed of response as being exceptional in view of the fact that one of your competitors hasn’t yet responded with a quote for that largish order you completed for me first off, and another finally responded but only to inform me that their cutter wasn’t big enough.

Many thanks

Simon HoughMR2

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