Pop up Display

Pop up displays are an impressive option if your business regularly attends exhibitions and events.

Pop-up Exhibition Stand

Pop up displays are an impressive option if your business regularly attends exhibitions and events.

Our large pop-up displays offer the opportunity to really make an impact. We digitally print your high resolution designs and laminate them with a matt or gloss finish. The magnetic system makes it easy to assemble the graphics onto the pop up frame and assert your presence at business events.

Pop –up displays are ideal for promoting your business at exhibitions and events. They also make an eye catching point of focus in company receptions and conference rooms. We can create a number of different graphics to be mounted onto the same frame, which can be ideal for seasonal promotions or when targeting different audiences.

The pop up display fits back into a wheeled storage drum, which makes it convenient to transport and store between events, as well as helping it to remain in top condition for many years to come.

All Impact Signs products are created in-house, so we can confidently offer a reliable, high quality and cost effective solution to your marketing needs.

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With your approval, we’ll get cracking on with the production.
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We will never proceed with production until you are entirely happy with the artwork and will always provide a proof (unless the artwork is supplied by you).

Artwork Spec

Artwork Requirements

Preferred applications:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS5 or earlier
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2 or earlier
  • PDF
  • Flexisign 7.5 or earlier

Other acceptable applications:

  • Signlab
  • Wissen R6 or earlier
  • CorelDraw! 12 or earlier,

Other applications: (may incur editing costs)

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Publisher

Generic formats:

  • eps, ai, ps, jpg, tif, bmp


  • All fonts must be either sent with the file or converted to curves/graphics/paths

Colour matching:

  • We use a 6 colour digital printing process (C,M,Y,K,Lc,Lm), this is the most accurate digital process available, HOWEVER we cannot guarantee an exact match to Pantone colours.


  • It is essential that the panels have at least 50mm bleed on the width only. The height of the panels do not need bleed

Please advise of any critical colours required and provide Pantone or RAL references.

It is advisable to provide a colour print together with any files provided on disc. This precaution protects against missing data from files and also against noticeable colour shifts.

Whatever Format is used, placed images should not be less than 50mb per square meter at actual printing size at 100DPI (39.37 Pixels per cm) without falsely increasing resolution of an original image to achieve this.


 75 watt round headed to illuminate your popup
Easy clip on system direct to your popup frame
200 watt square head for maximum illumination
Easy clip on system direct to your popup frame
Free Padded Carry bag for any of the above lights


Care of your Pop up Displays

Periodically clean you display with soapy water. Take care that the cloth does not have any grit on it as this may scratch and remove the ink. Do not use solvent cleaners

  • If you need to store pop up display, please roll up with the graphic on the outside. Also, it is wise to keep your banner out of direct sunlight, preferably in a black refuse sack; this will prevent fading or yellowing in the exposed area.


The Yours Faithfully blow-ups were sensational!

Robert Duncan

I think it looks great!! And with lights too it will be fab…you have done it again Andy!

Leigh AbbottWatford Community Housing Trust

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