Stainless Steel Plaques

If you want your company to really stand out from the crowd… contemporary, sleek and luxurious. Stainless steel plaques are maintenance free, cost effective and can include any typestyle or logo.

Stainless Steel Plaques

If the traditional brass plaque isn’t for you, then Stainless Steel offers a contemporary, stylish finish for plaque signage. Our laser engraved stainless steel plaques are equally durable and have the added advantage of being maintenance-free.

Stainless steel doesn’t rust, corrode or tarnish, so it requires no cleaning and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. We can provide stainless steel plaques with either a polished or brushed satin finish and they can be engraved with any typeface or logo.

A polished finish offers a mirrored, chrome effect, creating a sleek and sophisticated look. It’s achieved through polishing the stainless steel to a high shine, enhancing the metal’s natural lustre. A polished finish is ideal for settings where a more formal or elegant appearance is desired. It can beautifully highlight engraved details, providing a striking contrast.

Unlike the glossy shine of a polished finish, the brushed satin finish presents a softer, matte appearance. It’s created by brushing the stainless steel surface in a consistent pattern, resulting in a textured finish with fine lines. This finish masks fingerprints and minor scratches better than a polished surface, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas or outdoor use. The brushed satin finish also adds a contemporary touch to the plaque’s overall look.

Stainless steel is often the chosen material for commemorative plaques, building and door signs for professionals including accountants, legal and medical professionals and trophies. Our laser engraved plaques, known for their fine detail, are a preferred choice for these applications.

Impact Signs have the technology to engrave stainless steel metal plaques using laser engraving, rotary engraving or chemical etching. We will advise on the best option once we understand your requirements.

All engraving is carried out in house, so we can provide the best possible service and stainless plaques at the best price, so speak to us about your requirements today.

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Engraving Methods

Example Laser Etched Acid Etched
How it’s made
Colours Black Only Various Colours
Pros Fast Economical For high or low volume Super fine detail Permanent Deep enough to be colour infilled Super fine detail Perfect for high volume
Cons Black only More expensive than laser

Example Prices List

Using our state of the art technology we can make any size or shape of plaque as well as reproduce corporate typestyles and logos. As each job is bespoke, we normally provide individual quotations for you (usually within the hour) for your specific requirements. However, we have found that most of our customers like to have some ‘ball park’ idea of prices. We have therefore produced the typical price guide below to give you an idea how competitive our prices are.                                                                                              Acid (deep) etched / Laser etched
100 x 25mm 0.9mm thick £25 £17.06
A6 – 105 x 148.5mm 0.9mm thick £49.30 £29.02
A5 – 210 x 148.5mm 0.9mm thick £76.50 £42.56
A4 – 297 x 210mm 1.2mm thick £197.20 £116.00
A3 – 420 x 297mm 3mm thick £234.60 £138.41
All laser engraving is black only, rotary engraving can be infilled in a variety of primary colours. The above prices are for 316 marine grade with a brushed finish, for a polished (like chrome) please add 10%. The above prices are intended as a guide only, and may alter according to complexity, artwork format, material thickness, size and quantities.

Maintenance & Tech

Stainless Steel laminate engraved plaque

  • Congratulations. You have chosen a product that is virtually maintenance free. All you will need to do from time to time is simply wipe with a damp cloth. If the plaque is particularly dirty, add some soap and rub gently.
  • Take care that the cloth does not have any grit attached, as this may scratch the plaque.
  • Do not use polish or solvent cleaners.
  • This plaque is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • When used outdoors, you may find that over time, you get a build up moss, allege etc. that collect in the letters. The best way to clean this is to use an old toothbrush and some WD40

Care of your Hardwood Plinth

  • Congratulations. You have purchased a superior quality product. Our hardwood plinths really are the best on the market. All our Hardwood plinths are fully treated with a 2 pack acrylic lacquer.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Depending on exposure to the elements (if used outside) your plinth will need to be re-varnished (exterior grade) every 2 – 3 years. Lightly sand the plinth and apply 2 coats as per the manufacturer’s instructions
  • If used indoors, your plaque will last for years. Simply remove dust with a damp cloth. If your plinth is in direct sunlight you may need to re-varnish after about 5 years. Follow the instructions above. We still recommend outdoor varnish as it gives better UV protection.
  • Do not use solvent cleaners

Plinths & Accessories


Polished gold finish screw caps which cover the screws.
Satin silver finish screws caps.

Wood Swatch

Dark Mahogany finish wood.
Dark Oak finish wood.
Golden Oak finish wood.
Natural Oak finish wood.


Wooden plinths come with a bevelled finish edge which gives an elegant finish.
The wooden plinths are available in different shapes and sizes. There are standard sizes (which suit A5, A4 & A3 size plaques) but can also be made to bespoke sizes.
Shaped Oak finish wooden board which is perfect to use as an Honours board.
Golden Oak plinth which would suit Brass or Stainless Steel plaques.
Wooden plinths are available in solid wood which is suitable for outdoor use and also MDF veneered which is for indoor use.

Curtains for hire

Presentation Curtain Hire.

Navy blue crushed velvet curtains complete with pull cord fixed to 2 off weighted free standing, adjustable telescopic posts. 3 day hire only £47.65 + VAT.


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