Correx Signs

These boards are normally chosen when price is the main consideration. Not as strong as Foamex, a limited colour range but  great for short term advertising.

Why Choose Correx Advertising Boards

Correx is a low cost advertising solution that can be cut to any size.

Correx is a fluted plastic sheet. It is most commonly used on estate agent’s boards, for promoting one-off events and as a short term commercial advertising solution. It is light weight, so easy to attach to wooden posts, gates, scaffolding and other fixtures.

Correx is weather proof, UV resistant and flexible. It won’t crack and it requires no maintenance, but its flexible nature means that it can get damaged in certain conditions. In addition to a flat board, Correx can be formed into large scale ‘Toblerone’ shaped signs, which improve its durability and provide a triple-sided advertising medium.

Impact Signs can print your graphics onto Correx, cut it to any size and supply any quantity, from a one off board, to a bulk order. Once in place, they will help to promote your business to passers-by.

If you are on a tight budget or simply need a temporary advertising board, this is the best option.

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Colour Range

Substrate (background panel) colour swatch below. For sign writing colours, please see following tab Disclaimer: Although every effort has been made to display the colour swatches shown as true, all monitors are not consistent in colour representation, the swatches therefore should be taken only as a guide!


Care of your new site boards

Congratulations, you have just bought ‘the best’. Impact Signs use ‘new generation’ vinyls for all of their site boards. The manufacturers stated exterior life under normal conditions is a massive 7 – 10 years (except florescent & some specialty finishes). You may experience ‘air bubbles’ for up to 4 days after sign writing. In actual fact, these are not air but application fluid. All you have to do is…. Leave them alone, they will simply disappear of their own accord, this is in no way caused by poor workmanship and will not affect the long term adhesion of the vinyl

Cleaning your site board:

  • Do not clean your site board for at least 4 days. This allows the adhesive to ‘cure’ properly
  • Do not direct pressure washers ‘up close’ to the sign writing, especially if the text/graphic is very small or intricate.
  • If cleaning by hand, use a sponge, not a cloth.
  • If you have digitally printed (full colour or graduated) vinyl, do not use solvent of any kind. This may cause the image to fade. Soapy water is all you will need.
  • Take care that you do not scuff the sign
If you wish to remove the sign writing at any stage, this is relatively easy to do, just use the following guidelines:
  • Use heat! Vinyl can be removed easier when it is warm. A hair dryer is the best tool for the job. Caution! Do not use hot air guns, these may burn the surface.
  • To remove the glue residue use white spirit. Let it soak in for approx 2 minutes first, glue should then be easy to use.
  • Do not use a knife to remove vinyl. It may ‘pierce’ the surface. Use a plastic knife or ask us for a squeegee
  • When the entire vinyl and glue residue is removed, it would be wise to use ‘T’ cut to hide the ‘ghosting’ that may be evident.


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