Printed Metal

For when price is a consideration or full colour is needed. High quality full colour print including photos, corporate logos. Can be mounted onto a range of wooden backing plinths for added prestige. Totally maintenance free

Full Colour Printed Metal Plaques

For efficient and cost-effective solutions, consider printed metal plaques. Whether producing a high quantity or creating unique one-offs with various logos, we cater to diverse needs.

This unique process allows full colour printing on metal. The sub surface printing technique results in a high quality finish that is maintenance free and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

As the technique involves printing, rather than engraving, it is also ideal for those on a tight budget, as printing costs are lower. We offer printed metal plaques with a brushed or polished stainless steel, brass or white finish.

Printed metal plaques are used as signs on doors and premises, they are used for award ceremonies, to recognise corporate sponsorship and for trophies at business and sporting events.

Impact Signs undertake all printed services in-house, so you can rely on use to deliver a high quality product, with a quick turnaround and a competitive price.

(inc. VAT)

Not quite sure what you want?

We’re more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide advice without obligation. Simply select your preferred method to get in touch.


It's as easy as 123

Let’s get started with your Ideas, the more detail you provide the better!
We’ll email or phone you to talk it through, give advice and provide a quote.
It’s then over to us to create and amend artwork and you to pay the deposit.
If you provide the artwork, we’ll pre-flight check it for you and you pay the deposit
With your approval, we’ll get cracking on with the production.
We’ll soon be back in touch to arrange fitting/delivery/collection.
We will never proceed with production until you are entirely happy with the artwork and will always provide a proof (unless the artwork is supplied by you).

Example Prices

Using our state of the art technology we can reproduce corporate typestyles and logos. As each job is bespoke, we normally provide individual quotations for you (usually within the hour) for your specific requirements. However, we have found that most of our customers like to have some ‘ball park’ idea of prices. We have therefore produced the typical price guide below to give you an idea how competitive our prices are.
A6 – 105 x 148.5mm £13.99
A5 – 210 x 148.5mm £19.99
A4 – 297 x 210mm £34.99
A3 – 420 x 297mm £49.99
The above prices are intended as a guide only, and may alter according to complexity, artwork format, material thickness, size and quantities.

Maintenance & Tech

Care of TMT plaques

  • Congratulations. You have chosen a product that is virtually maintenance free. All you will need to do from time to time is simply wipe the plaque with a damp cloth. If the plaque is particularly dirty, add some soap and rub gently.
  • Take care that the cloth does not have any grit attached, as this may scratch the plaque.
  • Do not use polish or solvent cleaners.
  • This plaque is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Plinths & Accessories


Polished gold finish screw caps which cover the screws.
Satin silver finish screws caps.

Wood Swatch

Dark Mahogany finish wood.
Dark Oak finish wood.
Golden Oak finish wood.
Natural Oak finish wood.


Wooden plinths come with a bevelled finish edge which gives an elegant finish.
The wooden plinths are available in different shapes and sizes. There are standard sizes (which suit A5, A4 & A3 size plaques) but can also be made to bespoke sizes.
Shaped Oak finish wooden board which is perfect to use as an Honours board.
Golden Oak plinth which would suit Brass or Stainless Steel plaques.
Wooden plinths are available in solid wood which is suitable for outdoor use and also MDF veneered which is for indoor use.

Curtains for hire

Presentation Curtain Hire.

Navy blue crushed velvet curtains complete with pull cord fixed to 2 off weighted free standing, adjustable telescopic posts. 3 day hire only £47.65 + VAT.


Hi Patrick! We loved the work you guys did on that last plaque- please can we order the exact same sign to be ready in a few days? Thanks Lacey

LaceyNew Era Cap Company Europe

Andy, Received the sample tag this morning, and I have to say that it looks superb, and exactly what I was looking for from the outset.

I need to go and talk to the sales guys and show them these as I love it, think it will be superb.

What we would also require is the second tag which would have some details about the scheme etc. having seen the clarity of the engraving on this one I cant see that being a problem for you boys I’m lovin’ this one man.

PaulPropaganda Snowboards

Hi Daniela,

The colour plate you provided arrived yesterday. Very nice job, perfect! The edges look to be slightly beveled and smoothed and overall looks like a great result. Thank you 🙂


John LigertwoodModel Boathouse
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